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Do you love nothing more than a delicious and refreshing milkshake or dessert? If this holds true with you, then I recommend heading on down to Jordan’s Shakes, located in Waltham Cross. No matter what your tastes, you will find something here to satisfy your taste buds. If you would like to find out a bit more about my services, please feel free to give me a call on +447487220974 - I am always happy to help.

Excellent Ingredients, Excellent Desserts

My wide range of desserts cater to various dietary needs and are created with natural ingredients. Add this to a staff that will always receive you with a smile and you have a great place to bring your friends to discover different desserts. According to my customers, they recommend my classic and adventurous desserts in equal measure. If you’re stuck, my staff can recommend a choice based on your preferences, and you might even get to sample the dessert of the week.

Home Shakes & Desserts Options

I pride myself on delivering shakes and desserts that will treat your tongue to all sorts of delights. There’s nothing quite like delivery when you simply can’t find the will to go out after a long day of work. I also offer a variety of home shakes and desserts options throughout the week, so you don’t need to order the same home shakes and desserts day in and day out (unless you want to).

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